Am I a “runner”?

I don’t like running. I don’t get the runner’s high. I don’t understand people who say they love to run. But I am constantly seeking self-improvement. And, as a first child - Type A - Capricorn I am goal oriented… x1000.

This is why I have embraced road races despite not being a “runner.” Give me a goal and a training plan and I’ll chip away at it each day with shed pounds and strong legs desirable by-products. Plus, most things I do involve a social element so I’m fond of long runs with a friend and post-race beers always taste better.

This year I’ve committed to a personal high 5 races:

1. Hyannis Marathon Relay in February with the FastFood crew (see photo)

2. BAA 5k in April with Alison (see photo)

3. BC Reunion 5k (see post) in June with Sarah

4. Mass Dash 200 mile relay in July with my cousins Karen and Jen with husband Mark and my friend Janea (seriously intimidating!)

5. TBD half marathon in the fall with discussions of the Myrtle Beach half that made this Scenic Half Marathons list.

What keeps you putting one foot in front of the other?

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